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The old White Hart, Wheatley, 1822, drawn by James Buckler. It is on the site of the present Oxford House, High Street, opposite The Bell. The signboard names the landlord as George Crookes. Buckler also sketched the Manor House and 1795 chapel on Bell Lane. (Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, MS Top Oxon a.69, fol. 588)

The Old White Hart
The Old White Hart, WHeatley 1822


    1. The original White Hart burnt down, was rebuilt and is now the Language School. The White Hart moved along the High Street to a different building which is now an Indian restaurant called Cinnamons.

      1. Thanks for the clarification, this is what I’ve learned about the Juggins family in Wheatley who owned or worked at this Inn an perhaps another.

        Will(iam) Juggins (1653-1711) lived in Wheatley. He was a victualler in 1691, an Inn holder 1695, an Inn keeper at the White Hart Inn in 1700. He did the inventory for the estate of Edward Bridgman (1700 Inn holder of Wheatley). Will was listed as an Inn keeper in 1703 & 1704 and stated he was an Inn Holder when he wrote his will in 1707. One of Will’s son was Robert Juggins, whose will (1736 Wheatley) states that he is an Inn Holder and left “The White Hart Inn in Wheatley” to his wife Mary (née Sheen) for life (they had no children). Mary marries Henry Green in 1737. Perhaps the Green family eventually inherit the inn. Will(iam)’s 2x great grandson James Juggins 1799-1835 was an innkeeper as noted in 1833 & 1835 on his sons baptism in Wheatley.





  1. Can you say when the old White Hart burned down? I ask because my gt-gt-grandfather John Ayris is shown in the 1851 and 1861 censuses as living in the White Hart with family members, no idea if he was any more than a tenant there. Wondering whether that would have been the one drawn by Buckler or the one which is now Cinnamon’s.

    1. We’re very sorry that your comment seems to have been lost for a while – since you posted it on 14 September! There does seem to be some doubt about the Old Hart, but I’ll refer your query to the Wheatley Archive experts in the hope that they can answer.

      1. There was a gap in the licensees between George Crook in 1822 and James Robbins in 1845. The Buckler image is also from 1822. Wheatley Archive believe that this gap indicates that this inn was destroyed by fire soon after the Buckler image and took a long time before being re-instated. It also is of the opinion that the White Hart was re-built on the same site.

  2. We believe that my Grandfather was the publican of the White hart. We have no dates but we think it could have been some time between 1925 and 1937. We would be grateful if you have any records of this and could confirm the dates.

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