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We need you!
We need you!

Some 36 Wheatley men died and some 146 more fought and survived in the 1914-1918 War.
You can find the names of all of them by clicking the link Wheatley Men WW1

The WHEATLEY GREAT WAR CENTENARY PROJECT plans to commemorate the sacrifices they made – in a booklet and an exhibition, as well as public talks, enhancements to the existing memorials in the village and community drama productions.

For this we URGENTLY need to borrow, copy, and will safely return, any  and all of the following things which Wheatley and neighbouring families may still have:
• photographs and newspaper cuttings of soldiers, sailors, airmen, troops, families, regiments, dating back to the Great War
• letters, postcards, telegrams, diaries, or reports from them
• uniforms, medals etc.
• ration books, records of women’s war work, of homecomings
• memories or anecdotes about an individual or his family
• anything else you think relevant

Please don’t miss this opportunity to remember these brave men individually for posterity. It may well be the last chance to do so. Please contact one of the following by February 28th at the latest:
– Peter Jackson, Wheatley Branch, Royal British Legion: tel. 873246
– John Halliday, Wheatley Society: tel. 873281
– The Wheatley Village Archive at The Merry Bells on a Thursday afternoon
Or get in touch by email using the following form:

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  1. Please could we have a list of WWI dead with date killed and regiment as there might be cross refs from regimental histories to fill out their stories. Also interesting to note what they had done as civilians before enlisting.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Regimental affiliations are shown in the list of men who served -see link at beginning of the article. We intend to document the information you suggest during the course of the project – any contributions welcome!

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