WHEATLEY Village History

The Holton Park Archive

Kevin Heritage of Wheatley Park School has created an excellent website chronicling the history of the Holton Park Estate, now the site of Wheatley Park School.  It covers eras from Roman and Saxon times to the present day, and contains many fascinating documents and images.

Print of Holton House 1787
Print of Holton House 1787

Of particular interest are two videos, of which part 2 features a commentary by the last Rector of Holton, David Wood-Robinson http://holtonparkarchive.com/index.php/misc/holton-park-history-documentary/

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    1. Kevin Heritage (responsible for the Holton Archive site) explains: “I am afraid that the whole site was lost about 2 years ago.
      It is a long sad story and we have got to produce a new website over the coming year.”
      Hopefully we’ll be able to reinstate the link then.

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