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Wheatley History – website revamp

The website team has developed a separate Archive sub-site WW1 Men to present material from the book ‘They Were a Wall’ produced as part of the WW1 Commemoration project. 
The existing site has been moved to a new advert-free platform with a more modern style and, in due course, will be simplified to focus on articles about Wheatley History.  

We are currently digitizing all the existing material currently stored in the Archive Room, and sometime next year – subject to funding – we hope to add this to the new Archive website.  

A preview of the new Archive website may be accessed via the top-level menu link “WW1 Men“.  It has an interactive map showing where in the village the men lived.  


  1. WWI fallen. I see that you are missing my grandfather, Sargent James Charles Clements. He is listed on the entrance wall at St. MARY’S CHURCH in Wheatley.
    He emigrated to Canada before the war and then fought under the Canadian Government, 2nd expeditionary force. He died at Ypres, Belgium in 1915.
    He was born in Wheatley. I can send further info if you are interested.
    Heather Clements

    1. Dear Heather, thank you for this information, and I’m sorry if there’s been an omission.
      During research for the book we noticed several discrepancies between the names on the church wall and the list produced in 1919, and I’d assumed they’d been resolved.
      There is of course a James Clements mentioned on the list and WW1men website, but he served in the Royal Field Artillery and died in Beirut on 23 November 1918.
      We’ll try to resolve this, and follow up with you. Kind regards, John

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