WHEATLEY Village History


Old Photo for Exhibition Nov 2018

To be unveiled on Saturday 17th November open from 9.30am to 4.30pm
A new presentation of the history of Wheatley, a village in Oxfordshire
Wheatley’s extensive archives are well known to some, but less to others. This is about to change with a very ambitious digitisation of much of these superb records in order to make them readily accessible via a website which will be launched in a year or so.

But the 400-500 year history of Wheatley is also to be presented in a completely new way, thanks to the early phase of digitisation.
• Did you know that there were originally 14 inns or pubs in the village? The history of all these will be presented, with photographs where available and complete with licensees back to 1780!
• Do you live up Station Road or Ladder Hill? Did you know how this was developed following the dismantling of the railway? The exhibition will show you, also some new photos of the railway and Wheatley station.
• What do you know about the old coaching routes through Wheatley, and the impact on the inns when the route was changed in the 1790s? Come and see.
• Do you know the history of the windmills? There were two.
• Do you know where the old farms were, who farmed them and which farmland has been ‘consumed’ by housing.
• And much more will be on display.

Apart from this we will be showing you how the new website will work. This will be demonstrated at 10.00am and 2.30 pm and by a loop PowerPoint presentation the rest of the time.

The most important reason that we want you to come is that we NEED your feed-back on
 The format of the proposed website
 Its design
 A proposal to set up a stand-alone History Society

And we are looking for help with the digitisation process, particularly in dealing with the many family trees.

Refreshments will be available

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