WHEATLEY Village History

Wheatley Society

The Wheatley Society was founded in March 1974 and a revised constitution was adopted in 1982.
This states that “it shall be a civic society, whose principal objective shall be to promote the public benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Wheatley (including Littleworth) and where appropriate that of neighbouring parishes, the whole to be known as ‘the Wheatley area’.

This objective to be promoted by:-

  1. The stimulation of public interest in the civic affairs of the Wheatley area;
  2. The provision of leisure, cultural and social activities not otherwise sufficiently catered for in the Wheatley area;
  3. The stimulation of public interest in the physical, social, aesthetic and historical environment of the Wheatley area, and in the enhancement, protection and recording of, and research into that environment by any means, including the production or sale of publications;
  4. The co-operation with or assistance of other bodies concerned with the activities set out under 1 – 3 above;
  5. Such other activities as may from time to time be deemed to be consistent with the principal objective of the Society;

The Society shall at all times pursue its objectives in a manner that is non-party in politics, non-sectarian in religion, and shall not discriminate against any racial group.

Further background in this article.


  1. I have been looking through the Archive files and cannot find a definitive report on who founded the Society, the reason for its foundation and exactly when it was founded.

    Can anyone help me with this research? I think the Society was founded on 1973 but it may have been 1974.
    I also think Jon Drake may have been the founder and 1st Chairman. I know that in 1978 Dr Gregory Walker was Chairman, Lyn Shew the Secretary and Ann Wild the Treasurer.

    The Society contributed to communal activities, such as the Wheatley Festival and May Day celebrations, and ran regular meetings on topics of interest. There were three groups within the Society, the Drama Group led by Peter Wild, and Environment Group led by Jon Minett and a Local History Group led by Margaret Rosenthal. Later on I think there was also a Footpaths Group.

    If anyone can add to these brief notes, or correct what I have said, please do contact me , David Harverson

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