WHEATLEY Village History

History Group Origins

The Local History Group was first set up by Margaret Rosenthal in the early days of the Wheatley Society She and a small team of enthusiasts researched into many aspects of Wheatley’s past, and produced a series of publications about village history.
This led in 2003 to the opening of the Wheatley Village Archive, as an initiative of the Wheatley Society. It was agreed that the History side should be recognised as a separate entity in order to attract additional support both in terms of people and finance.
Liz O’Sullivan, a member of the Committee, agreed to set it up and was joined by Marion Darkin who had been running the History group within the Society. Other founding members of The Wheatley History Group were David Harverson, along with Cyril Newton for a short period.
Liz became the Coordinator and managed to obtain a grant of £4703 from the The Countryside Agency to set up and equip the Archive room which opened later that year in the Merry Bells.
Martin Timms gave technical support and set up the original computer database as an index to the collection.
Since then a small team of volunteers has manned the Archive on weekly basis.

Thanks to the very successful Archive exhibition organised by Michael Heaton in November 2018, a good number of new people have expressed interested in joining a revitalised History Group.